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April 20, 2024

Lünen Cultural Festival

International Cultural Academy held on Saturday 20/4/2014 on the occasion of the anniversary of the "World Book Day" a cultural event under the title "Lünen Cultural Festival", which was attended by a number of those interested in literature and poetry.

Writers, poets, artists, men of the press and the media and all of the attendees of civil society were welcomed. The promotional video was shown on the events and activities held by the International Cultural Academy and the events in which it participated in. After the end of the show, the festival's presenter, the poet Mr. Hajar Boutani, spoke and thanked the administration of the Church of Life which is an important partner in extending bridges of culture between the International Cultural Academy and members of society interested in culture and literature...Read More

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November 04, 2022

Meeting Point Art & Culture Event

On Friday 11.04.2022 and under the title "Meeting Point - Art and Culture - Migrants Make Art and Culture" the first event of the International Cultural Academy was held at the International Center “Internationales Zentrum (IZ)” in Duisburg, Germany, with sponsorship of the Ministry of Homeland, Municipalities, Construction and Digitization in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

The event included several artistic pieces such as painting workshop, poetry readings, oriental cultural music as well as pop music and singing, stand-up comedy and serving a special diverse oriental buffet.

A distinctive photo gallery, selected from the exhibition "Civilization of Clay" by light artist and researcher (Kamal Oghly), accompanied the event.

The event concluded with distributing certificates of appreciation.


January 24, 2021

International Cultural Academy Started its Membership Program

The International Cultural Academy in Germany is pleased to announce the start of accepting membership applications for individuals. To check our membership options and rules kindly click on the "Membership" link.

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April 20, 2024

Dialogue of "Asylum in Literary Works" Event

On Saturday, 2024.4.20, the International Cultural Academy held a dialogue under the title of asylum in literary works (the biography of war and geography) attended by a group of interested, writers and poets, where the event was held at the Baghdad Cultural Forum - Berlin. The Head of the Baghdad Forum for Culture and Arts - Berlin and editor -in -chief of Voice of Al -Saalik newspaper delivered an opening speech in which he welcomed the Director of the Department of Arts and Critical Studies of the International Cultural Academy - Germany Dr. Media Sheikha for her organization and management of the dialogue symposium on asylum literature in literary works and the biography of war and geography, and then welcomed the public ...Read More


October 25, 2022

Meeting Point Art & Culture

Under the motto "RESTART TOGETHER" the "International Cultural Academy e.V." is anouncing it's first event “Meeting point ART & CULTURE” that will take place on November 4th, 2022 at 13:00 in the International Center in Duisburg.

the event will include: Photo galery, Theatre, Singing, Paint, Poetry reading & Stand up comedy

With the kind support of the Ministry for Homeland, Municipal Affairs, Building and Digitization of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia - Germany

Standing Meeting

February 02, 2021

ICA Specialized Forums Have Been Launched

We at International Cultural Academy are glad to announce that we have started specialized forums on Facebook for all the programs we support. We aim to gather all remarkable figures in these forums to create a productive and professional environment to exchange experience. To check out our forums please go to our Facebook page link. 

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September 14, 2023

ICA 2023 Shababeek Festival

The International Cultural Academy is honored to invite you to attend the 2023 cultural youth festival on September 16. 2023 until September 17, 2023, funded by the Ministry of Culture and Science for the state of North Rhine and Westphalia,

In Hangar 21 Detmold (Program Attachment).

The Cultural Festival "Shababeek" 2023 - is about immigration from artistic vision to shed light on the marginalized views of workers in the field of culture who have a history of migration and provide an insight into the work of artists, authors, poets, musicians and theater artists.

It is worth mentioning that The International Cultural Academy was established by a group of immigrant artists and active people in 2019 to enhance cultural integration.

Photography Accessories

December 14, 2020

ICA Has Launched its 1st Course in Photography

International Cultural Academy is glad to announce its first course in photography. The course has been prepared by Mr. Kamal Oghly who is an international photographer and also the head of the photography department in the academy. In addition, he is a member of the founding committee and a member of the studies and research committee of ICA.

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