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Institution Membership

Did you like the idea of the academy and wish to contribute to its enrichment and development? ICA would welcome you as an academic partner.

How to do I become an ICA academic partner?

In order to become an ICA academic partner you have to provide the following:

- Download the membership application form from here.

- Fill and sign the application form and send it to the following email address

- Copy of the center or institution's license.

- Proof of the accredited trainers of the institution.

- Passport copy or identity proof of the center director.

- Recent personal photo of the center director.

- Center's profile (mission - vision - goals - training programs).

- Photos for the center's halls, rooms and equipment.

- We will evaluate your application and reply within 14 working days.

- In case of approval we will send you the ICA certified trainer membership contract and the related documents.

- Accept the terms and conditions of the International Cultural Academy Certified Trainer Program.

​- You will need to activate your membership by paying the amount of €2000 which is the fees of annual subscription.

Membership Benefits:

Our partners will of enjoy the following benefits:

- Official letter that your center is an accredited representative for ICA.

- You can obtain an official letter of accreditation as an internationally accredited training center for additional fees of €1500.

Note: A spearate agreement will be made with ICA regarding the mechanisms of issuing certificates and their value.

- Obtaining the international accreditations and ID cards listed in the cooperation protocol for your trainees and trainers.

Note: minor fees will be applied for issuing the ID cards. Details are included in the agreement.

- A dedicated page for you center with your contact information, your code number, and your activity on ICA website.

- A training center account on ICA website where you can benefit from the marketing tools provided by the ICA.

- Providing administrative assistance and technological services (web design - certificate design ... etc. *) for your center for special fees.

- ICA sends invitation to its subscribed members to its activities and festivals within Germany and the world.

- ICA works as much as possible to cover transportation expenses for its subscribed members only.

- ICA sends invitation to its subscribed members to the International Cultural Festival that it holds in Germany annually. ICA will send an official invitation to attend the festival for those outside the European Union, and shall cover travel costs for those who are within the Federal Republic of Germany.

- Special offers and discounts on tours, visits, exhibitions, or artistic and cultural events of the Arab world that are offered by the Academy partners.

- ICA will participate and attend international festivals and events and will send special invitations to its subscribed members.

- Members of ICA can hold international joint or individual exhibitions in the name of the Academy.

- This card shows your academic membership under the Academy license.

- Building a network of relationships and communicating with official and international bodies on behalf of the Academy.

- Take advantage of your membership by entering international museums for free or at low prices according to the internationally recognized and authorized international agreement.

- Monthly bulletin of information about the activities of the Academy, international competitions, and all works and activities of partner institutions, including technical and cultural, and the possibility to participate in them.

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