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Lünen Cultural Festival

Updated: May 9

International Cultural Academy held on Saturday 20/4/2014 on the occasion of the anniversary of the "World Book Day" a cultural event under the title "Lünen Cultural Festival", which was attended by a number of those interested in literature and poetry.

Writers, poets, artists, men of the press and the media and all of the attendees of civil society were welcomed. The promotional video was shown on the events and activities held by the International Cultural Academy and the events in which it participated in. After the end of the show, the festival's presenter, the poet Mr. Hajar Boutani, spoke and thanked the administration of the Church of Life which is an important partner in extending bridges of culture between the International Cultural Academy and members of society interested in culture and literature.

The reasons for choosing  the 23rd of April to be the World Book Day is because it marks the anniversary of the departure of two flags of international literature (Theipantz and Shakespeare), who left our world on April 23, 1616, so we set it on this exact date to honor and commemorate their memory.

At the same time, the Kurdish Press Day coincides with the World Book Day, where the day of April 22 was set for the Kurdish press, which is the day that the Kurdish prince Miqdad Miqdad Badrakhan coincides with the first Kurdish newspaper in the name of Kurdistan, and its first number was issued in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, and that was on April 22, 1898. So on this occasion we would like also to congratulate the Kurdish journalists onthis day.

The festival resumed with the a word by International Cultural Academy read by Dr. Mamdouh Al -Ali, in which he welcomed the participants and attendees, and the attendees briefly briefed on the work of the academy, events and activities that we executed and participated in.

On behalf of the administration of the Church of Life, Mr. Ghassan Haddad read an impressive speech that expresses the role of culture in spreading love and brotherhood in humanity.

After the words, the festival resumed its programs, as the festival presenter Mr. Hajjar Boutani called the Kurdish poets to read their poems started by the poet Noah Suleiman with a number of poems, which carried in its lines a number of beautiful poetic images, followed by the poet Barran Hasso with the splendor of giving him a number of poems that went in the soul.

The readings was concluded by Mazakkko, by reading some of its poems, which emanate from its words, the spirit of originality and the beauty of the language.

After reading texts from the Kurdish poetry, we continued with the Arabic poem readings by Nasr Muhammad started with a number of texts from which the longing for a pillar and what this city has become and what happened to the homeland ...

The splendor and splendor of the festival increased the participation of the able poet Fawaz Qadri with beautiful texts, texts expressing spiritual situations of nature and man.

The beautiful poet Muhammad Zada showed in the lines of his poem the extent of the love of the Kurds of God, the extent of his love for his mother and the flowers that embrace her dress ..

The poet Saleh Jango participated in two intentions, which were monitored through her words, many of the stations of life

The daughter of Al -Rashid, the poet Khawla Al -Rafie, participated in the festival with the beautiful words, and this is her first participation in the world of poetry.

The poet and narrator Zakaria Sheikh Ahmed Share with a narrative text

After the break, and upon the desire of the attendees, the poetry paragraph was repeated again and read all the poets Fawaz Qadri, Muhammad Zada, Baran Hasso, Mazkin Hasko, poems that admire all the attendees.

The paragraph of the dialogue symposium took another character, during which Professor Beriti Zakher spoke about the Kurdish presence and the mention of the Kurds in the heavenly books in addition to the ancient civilization of the Kurdish people.

The lyric paragraph in which the artist Badi Sophie and the artist Zakaria Sheikh Ahmed participated, and presented a number of songs. The atmosphere was prevented from happiness and joy, and the singing paragraph was the conclusion of a festival of the International Cultural Academy.

Thanks and appreciation to:

The journalist, Riyad Ali, who was based on media coverage.

For the brother and friend Muhammad Musa, who was based on the direct coverage of the festival on social media pages

Voice and visuals, brothers Mina Al -Masry and Amjad Makdisi.

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